Available Services

The PACT center provides a number of different services to industry partners. In order to qualify for these services companies will need to complete the Application for PACT Testing Services (4178 downloads) . Companies should also review the PACT Module Design Acceptance Criteria (Industry) V 2.0 (4742 downloads) . Available services from PACT include:

  • Performance characterization of perovskite PV modules
  • Field testing and monitoring of perovskite PV modules
  • Accelerated testing of perovskite PV modules

Acceptance Criteria

The PACT center is developing and running standardized tests on prototype perovskite PV modules obtained from research and industry partners. We have defined acceptance criteria that define the minimum characteristics of modules that the center will accept for testing. These criteria help to ensure we are accepting technologies that are compatible with our technical facilities and testing equipment and can transition to large scale commercial manufacturing.

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